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Friend’s TV Centre Case Study | Bonus: Build a brand in 2021

Case study for Friend’s TV Centre – Humans are dependent species, though psychologically we try to become independent in our very own life, but to achieve some level of success, there are many people, who helps us along the way. Hence no matter how much we try to justify that, humans are independent, but the truth is exactly the opposite.

The last 2 years of Covid-19 made us realize this truth in a hard way, many local business suffered in this pandemic thanks to the unwanted lockdowns. However, there are only few people who got to help these business in some sort of way. And we are proud to say that we’re in the list of helpers!

Note: This case study will be updated each time we reach a ground breaking milestone! so stay tuned for updates.

Case Study:  Background History & How it started?

One of our employees realized that a local “Retail brand” called “Friend’s TV Centre, Mumbai” whom he knows since childhood, don’t have an online presence. Talking with the owner to get more details, we realized that, he never did any digital marketing and only marketed products using “WhatsApp”.

The brand was established in the year 1988, and, is quite popular among the local people. In other words the brand relied only on the popularity and trust it has established over the long years to sell their products.

Previous signs of online presence

The brand – Friend’s TV Centre, did manage to list their business on Google My Business & Just Dial and asked their customers to review their service, apart from that there was nothing we could point out that made the brand stood out from the rest of its competitors. Hence we realized, that, Friend’s TV Centre needs to channelize their business properly with a marketing strategy, and in process, establish a solid customer base that can stay connected with them over the long period of time.

Budget constraints & Planning due to covid-19

As we mentioned earlier that pandemic has made many local business suffer, and some of them were even forced to shut their operations. Hence we knew that, the marketing strategy we are making for the client needs to be budget friendly at all cost. Hence, here, we decided to go with complete organic marketing and say no to paid advertisements unless we solidified our presence in the digital world.

With that being said, without any haste, our Marketing wizards focused on charting out a “Custom roadmap” that can only be utilized for our client – Friend’s TV Centre. The keyword for us was connectivity. Since the brand had a long history from its establishment in1988 till 2021, we realized that we need to utilize this history for our marketing strategy as a base.

The plan was divided into 3 phases.

  1. Over the years, lots of customers who purchased from the brand must’ve moved away or switched to another brand (even if they didn’t wanted to do so), our first move was to make them realize that their beloved brand still exist.
  2. Many of the current customers, who were forced to stay away because of pandemic needed an outlet to stay connected with the brand, yes the owner was staying connected using WhatsApp but there is a limit to how much a single person can manage. Hence the second step was to create connectivity between those customers and the brand.
  3. Finally the third, stage was to create a “brand identity” i.e a logo.

Creating Online Presence: Social Media & Identity with logo, graphics and video marketing

Through our extensive research that we did while charting out strategies for Friend’s TV Centre, we noticed that the local customers who were familiar with the brand, only used 2 social media handles Facebook & Instagram.

Hence we focused the on these to handles to create a “Lead Stream“.

Friend's TV Centre Facebook Page
Friend’s TV Centre Facebook Page


Friend's TV Centre Instagram Page
Friend’s TV Centre Instagram Page

Just creating social media handles was not enough, we also needed an identity through which people can remember the brand and that is nothing but a logo!

Friend's TV Centre Logo
Friend’s TV Centre Logo

With the lead stream and identity created, it was time to approach the existing customer base and get them connected to the brand through these social media handles.  We populated social media handles with some cool & warm graphics that suited the local style.

The graphics were made in a way which defined a style for the brand’s presence in the digital world. For more graphics you can visit our graphics portfolio section – Friend’s TV Centre Graphics. We even started creating Instagram Reels & Facebook Stories for Video marketing (just recently).

You can take a look at the video reel we did for Friend’s TV Centre here – Video Ad for Friend’s TV Centre.

Since 1st of July 2021 to 31st August 2021, this is our statistical report for social media handles.

  • Facebook – 211 Page Likes with 16 Posts and 1 Video Reel.
  • Instagram – 76 Followers with 16 Posts and 1 Video Reel.

Utilizing the Google My Business

We mentioned at the beginning that, the brand manage to make online listing on Google My Business & Just Dial and collected “Reviews” however, with no expert or knowledgeable person helping them, the potentials of those business listing remained untapped.

Just Dial was a premium listing hence we decided to keep it aside to avoid going over budget, and, we just focused on the Free business listing provided by Google. Since the brand was already listed on Google business, we optimized the listing to rank better in SERP (Search engine results page).

The following below graph shows the result of last one month.

Google My Business Statistics
Google My Business Statistics

The above statistics shows two graphs, first one is about the search results, showing the activity for Google Search as well as Google Maps. The second graph is about – How many people asked for directions to reach the store & how many people called the owner.

  • People asking for directions – 19 people requested for directions.
  • People who contacted directly – 27 people directly contact the owner.

Wrapping up

With a 2 months of slow & steady organic marketing, we can see that the online presence which we created from scratch, is now getting solid. There is still much work left to do! But you can see how even without paid ads we can achieve great results.

The results are indeed slow as we were complete organic, but, you can’t ignore the fact that they are indeed solid results.

We will be constantly updating this case study in the future so stay tuned fore more.

Want to build a brand? We are here to help!

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