digital marketing trend

Digital Marketing Trends that will prevail in 2022

digital marketing trend

As every year passes by, everyone observes some unexpected digital marketing trends that determine the future of marketing. Moreover, you will come across many developments in the digital marketing world. These developments will undoubtedly have an impact on the way we communicate with the audience. So, to help you navigate the year ahead, let’s check some digital marketing trends that will prevail in the year 2022.

Short ‘Do It Yourself Videos

Over a period of time, TikTok has transformed the social media landscape from status updates to curated photo grids. Further ahead, short-duration videos have stressed the way we consume content online. While it emphasizes presenting succinct messages, video developers should also produce engaging content. Apart from the ‘Do It Yourself’ videos, you can also think about real stories and behind-the-scenes videos. 

Storytelling will enhance brand marketing

When you need to promote your product in the modern landscape, the brand believes that the product or service is better than its competitors. They also wish to know how the product is delivered based on the expectations. This doesn’t imply that companies should take a step back and let the reviews deliver the experience. Rather, they should shift their focus to storytelling and speak more about why the product is good in the market. In the long run, storytelling will level up the content marketing game for many businesses. 

Focus on the target audience

As 2022 flies by, brands will be focusing on a strategy that will engage the target audience and build a database. You will also come across messaging that will reach out to those who will be interested in buying the products or services. Further ahead, as you observe a change in the digital landscape, consumers will be selective about the media they will consume. So, don’t run a social media account that is able to garner the attention and gain more followers. Instead, you can switch to influencer marketing to promote the products or services effectively. 

Personalization will play a major role

Instead of developing catch-on content, brands will be promoting the product through specific advertising that will generate great results. But, businesses will have to ensure that the audience comes across the ad at the right time. This is very important, especially when brands promote the products in an oversaturated landscape. But, when you set aside some time to understand the platforms and individuals are using it, you can create messages with a personal touch. This will, in turn, entice the audience and increase customer loyalty. 

Content segmentation will prevail ahead

While content segmentation has been present for a long time, most businesses will move ahead segmenting customers. This means that they will target customers with shared interests or similar kinds of demographics. But, if brands wish to move beyond numerous opt-in or opt-out marketing strategies, then they should consider tagging within the email content. They must always treat their customers with care, just as they will care for their companions and family members.

Quality interactions & Conversational marketing

As brands have been communicating with their customers for a long time, conversational marketing will stay in the market. But, with as companies think about social media marketing now and then, such kind of marketing is growing on a large scale. It is also transforming the landscape and how businesses will interact with their customers. On the other hand, with chatbots playing a major role, conversations will occur more seamlessly than you had imagined earlier. But, it’s actually crucial to comprehend the needs of the customers. 

Artificial Intelligence will reign with digital marketing

In the recent years, AI will lead to intuitive reporting, automation of general marketing tasks, and a significant boost in SEO. But, instead of focusing on what businesses can gain through AI, it’s time to look ahead and see how it has an impact on online marketing. While businesses embrace AI to predict customers’ next move, they can promote the services and products they need. Such a kind of targeting will lead to more conversions and instill a sense of understanding of the customer’s needs without any irrelevant targeting. 

Finally, staying ahead with the digital marketing trends can help businesses to stay competitive. The brands will also be able to grow ahead and boost customer loyalty. Apart from everything else, companies will move forward with microblogging to show that they are leaders in a particular industry. However, as they focus on forward-thinking strategies, they should not drift away from being flexible and from being open to the changing times. They should also think about video marketing with a creative bent of mind. 

6 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

6 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is a collection of rules that lays out what brands intend to achieve and how they’ll find goals. It gives brands direction as they deploy their efforts, allowing everything to run smoothly and efficiently. Despite the need for a digital marketing strategy, an estimated 65 percent of marketers say it is not incorporated into their overall digital marketing plan, and 45 percent say they have no digital marketing strategy at all, despite using every single idea they can think of.

As a result, these businesses are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to gaining a footprint in the digital environment. But, if you have An effective digital marketing strategy, it will help your target audience to reach your business.

So let’s see how we can improve our digital marketing strategy for this year of 2022.

Tip 01 – Define Business Goals and Objective

This might be an ancient tip but it works everywhere, yes even in the world of digital marketing! Defining business objectives and goals is just like setting up a new year resolution but with a more serious tone to it. Everyone starts their business or company with some kind of end goal that they want to achieve at the end of their life. And they reach that goal by clearing small goals and objectives every single month and every single year.

In other words, Business objectives are steps that are clearly defined and are measurable in order to achieve a company’s goals. If you’re not doing it, then no matter how much marketing you do it is not going to work. Of course, setting up definitive business goals and objectives also doesn’t guarantee you success, but it certainly does give you a clear vision of what you want to achieve. So in case if you fail, you can come up with another strategy to make up for that particular failure.

By defining business goals and objectives, you are creating a pathway for your Digital Marketing campaigns. Once your path is set, ideas and strategies will flow out naturally because you know what you have to do when you hit a roadblock.

Tip 02 – Defining the target audience

Okay, here is a fact for you – Just because you have an awesome product doesn’t mean that people will buy from you. When it comes to the target audience, you think that generally, you are targeting everyone but in fact its the opposite, you are only targeting specific people that have developed an interest in your product.

Let us explain the whole thing in a more simple manner.

Let’s say you have an idea, that you want to start an online t-shirt store. You create a bunch of t-shirts and get it ready to sell online, but here is a catch, your first sales are not what you expected them to be. That’s because you included every single type of t-shirt available, and those similar kinds of t-shirts are also available online, so basically your competitor’s t-shirts got sold more just because they have more online presence compared to you.

So in order to overcome this, you need to define your target audience, which you will be targeting actively and aggressively in order to sell more t-shirts.

Start asking questions like these given below to yourself and try to come up with an answer for them:-

  • For whom I am creating these t-shirts?
  • Is it for teenagers who prefer Marvel or DC characters or Anime?
  • Is it for young adults where the t-shirts are a mixture of simple and pop culture?
  • Is it for adults?
  • Is it for old age people?

Once you answer such questions only then you will define the target audience. Once you define your audience, you can specially craft your digital marketing campaigns according to your target audience. This way you can increase your sales step by step.

Without defining a target audience you can’t achieve your business goals and objective that you want and also in a similar way if you don’t define business goals and objectives you can’t decide the audience which you want to target, in order for you to achieve that particular goal/objective that you have set.

Understanding a target audience is key to the development of any brand. It’s what helps drive effective marketing strategies, boosts brand image, and, ultimately, boosts a company’s bottom line.
However, business understanding is not a destination. It’s a journey. It is a continuous process of review, refinement, and readjustment. A brand’s performance will suffer at worst or stall at best if it does not revisit its target audience on a regular basis.

Why Digital Marketing for Small Businesses is Essential – 2022

Tip 03 – Focus on the analytics especially website analytics

If you are actively pursuing Digital marketing as your main marketing funnel, then you know that data and information are core to web analytics, but not all data is useful. Google Analytics provides valuable information that can be used to uncover hidden trends and insights, making it critical for businesses.

However, if irrelevant data is not filtered out, this data alone can mislead a business. The Google Analytics filter aids in data refinement and provides you with data that is important and relevant to your business. For example, you need an exclude filter to only see data relating to your genuine prospects and not office personnel.

Website analytics are important, especially important if you own an online store or website/blog through which you sell your products and earn a major chunk of income to support your lifestyle. They give an analysis of the behavioral pattern of your one-time customers and regular customers.

This definitely helps you realize that what your customers are exactly expecting from you and your brand, also, you can find out why your company or business/brand is losing the customers. And with appropriate use of filter aids provided by Google analytics, this makes your job of understanding the customer’s and faults in your Digital marketing strategy much easier

Friend’s TV Centre Case Study | Bonus: Build a brand in 2021

Tip 04 – Website’s SEO as a boost to Digital marketing strategy

In the previous tip, we talked about how analytics can become important for any business, however, analytics can also determine if your SEO is weak or strong. Now before we get to some explanation on how SEO is important when it comes to digital marketing strategy, allow us to bust some myths.

Most of you can say the majority of people believe SEO is important only when you have a website made for your business. However, that’s not the case at all. In fact, this is one of the biggest myths or you can say misconception.

Now you may wonder how this can be a misconception? Well, then allow us to explain:-

Let’s consider a scenario just like we considered it in tip number 2.

You started a brand to sell t-shirts, however, you decide to create a website later after you have made a good amount of money because at the moment you’re bootstrapping the brand/company which you have started. You create a Facebook Page and use Facebook’s marketplace to sell your t-shirts and on top of it, you link Instagram, Business WhatsApp, and your Facebook page together to create an online presence. After that, you post some t-shirt photos that you are expecting to sell, but when people try to search you on google they hardly find you because your “Social Media SEO” is lacking”.

Wait SEO can be done on social media? Well yes!

If you optimize all of your social media handles/pages with proper On-page SEO techniques like the use of appropriate keywords, hashtags, and tags then on google your social media pages related to your brand will rank higher than everyone else. (It’s all Keyword game).

Then what is the use of Website, if we can use Social media for business?

Website is all about exclusivity and originality. Internet is a place where data is changing constantly, so even if you optimize your social media handles it won’t give you an online brand value that you get with your website. Because every business has social media profiles, having another profile doesn’t create a sense of uniqueness and individuality, people won’t identify you within the crowd if you don’t stand out. But with your own exclusive website, you can stand out from the rest.

Hence, even though brands have their social media handles, they equally pay attention to their website to create an online presence that can stand out from the rest.

So, If looking for a service or product online, users are more likely to select one of the top five suggestions presented by the search engine. Hence doing a proper Website SEO will help you rank higher in search results and gain more online visibility, increasing the probability that potential customers will click over to your website and convert.

Website SEO is also a useful tool for increasing brand awareness, cultivating relationships with potential customers, and establishing yourself as an authority and trust-able expert in your field.

Tip 05 – Business on Social Media

In tip 05 we talked about Social Media SEO, however, why do we actually need social media? We have one valid reason – To increase the online presence of your brand. However, there is one more reason – To connect with your customers and generate a loyal fanbase.

Take an example of one of the biggest tech giants in the world i.e Apple – Today we call apple loyal customers or fans “Apple sheep” why is that? it’s because Apple provided quality products to their customers and developed a loyal set of customers in its initial days, and that too in a time like where there was no social media or any other online platform.

The trust they have developed with their customers is so strong that it allowed Apple inc. to become a Trillion dollar company. Today social media allows us to generate a similar type of cult following, but unfortunately, Social media influencers and YouTubers are ahead in this game. Nowadays brands are more focused on earning money that they overlook the possibility of developing a connection with their customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy - Apple Social Media Game
Digital Marketing Strategy – Apple Social Media Game

Take a look at Apple’s Instagram – Take a look at the complete profile and you will notice that they only post things showing how their product is useful to their customers. Instead of showcasing their products online, they showcase how beneficial their product is to their customers. This allows them to strengthen the bond with their customers that they have developed over a long period of time.

Although, this is just a single example there are many such examples for other brands over social media. Study them and realize what they do to develop their loyal set of customers.

Once, you pass the phase of developing a bond with your customers, it can help your business for a long period just like how it helped Apple.

So, It doesn’t matter if you are running a small local store or a large national corporation. Social media is more than a marketing trend. It is an essential part of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

However, social media alone is insufficient to drive business growth. Social media platforms can help you connect with your customers, raise brand awareness, and increase leads and sales. But even so, you must begin with an always-on mindset and a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Tip 06 – Understanding your social media activity

Understanding the social media activity is just as similar to that of analyzing the Google analytics.

However, Maintaining your website, social media profiles, and your business can be time-consuming. Acknowledge your personal limitations and seek out pros to assist you in maintaining your social media or digital platform.

Their skilled touches can also help you expand your web presence and increase your profits. We have developed successful digital marketing strategies for a lot of clients at Krytech Digital. Allow us to collaborate with you to set your objectives and lead you to where you want to go. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Why Digital Marketing for Small Businesses is Essential – 2022

Digital Marketing for Small Business allows brands to communicate with prospective customers, start educating them about the services or products offered, and make sales. Your prospective buyers are most likely casually browsing the internet and searching at their phones. You must take command, present your business to them, pitch your products, and close the deal. Digital Marketing is a booming industry that guarantees you maximum conversions if you do it right. However, there are lots of myths surrounding the Digital marketing industry.

Hence in this article, we’re going to bust those myths, as well as, we are going to see why digital marketing is important for small businesses.

Digital marketing for small business is important to the growth. Business increases their revenue, profits, and growth, and digital marketing is an art form that allows them to convert their audience into customers and increases income by selling their products or services online.

A brief summary of traditional marketing

They say marketing is a cornerstone of any business, if you are not doing marketing for your business you are not reaching out to people. As true as it can be, when you’re talking about the time period 10-15 years back, traditional marketing was the cornerstone, but at the same time, it was heavily demanding. That’s because traditional marketing utilizes various outlets in order to reach the customers:-

  • Billboard to display ads
  • Displaying ads in movie theaters
  • Displaying ads on public transports i.e buses
  • Advertisements in News and other channels

All these mediums mentioned above are demanding mediums. That means, in order to utilize them you need to pay different amounts of cost to each of these mediums separately and that too those rates were costly. Also, these are the mediums that won’t provide you with proper analytics on how many business leads and conversions you are actually generating for your business. So considering all these different reasons, small businesses wouldn’t stand a chance to prosper because there was a notion that “Marketing was only for the RICH“. People realized that we needed a form of marketing where we know how things exactly work so that we can minimize the risk and maximize the profits and everyone can afford it. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

The birth of Digital Marketing

What gave birth to digital marketing was the rise of social media and search engine platforms.

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter

These above-mentioned companies and many more including Pinterest, Reddit & Quora, etc. Gave enough user-base to these companies and soon they realized that, if they can use their platform to promote businesses, then not only they can provide good leads as well as conversions to these businesses but they can also earn good amount of profit in return. You can say that overall it’s a win-win situation.

Utilizing the risk of Traditional Marketing for providing benefits to Digital Marketing​

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Google, Facebook, and others realized that businesses spend a huge side of their earnings on marketing, some of them don’t even get a decent amount of leads and conversions and waste all their money. Hence the majority of the businesses, especially the small businesses were scared to invest their money into marketing.

Google, Facebook, and others realized that businesses spend a huge side of their earnings on marketing, some of them don’t even get a decent amount of leads and conversions and waste all their money. Hence the majority of the businesses, especially the small businesses were scared to invest their money into marketing.

Hence, these companies equipped businesses with advanced marketing analytics and other tools, that allowed businesses to carefully plan and modify their marketing budget based on the analytical results provided by these companies. In layman’s terms, businesses knew what was actually happening behind the scenes of marketing.

Digital Marketing Benefits #1 – Know what’s happening!

Analytical results which businesses get during the process of Digital Marketing:-

  • How many people liked and followed them
  • How many people commented on what they posted
  • How is the overall response of their customer base
  • How many customers unfollowed them and unliked them
  • How many customers are complaining or unhappy
  • How their products are performing
  • Which product is more popular
  • Which product is less popular
  • What is the customer’s demand
  • What is the market trend

And many more to as speak off, when you compare Digital marketing with Traditional marketing you will realize that in traditional marketing you won’t get such analytical data of what’s happening behind the scenes of marketing. Such analytics give small businesses perfect transparency who are usually scared to invest their money in the marketing space.

Benefit #2 – Save more money!

The above-mentioned analytical data itself allows you to modify your marketing budget in the middle of a marketing campaign. In other words, the data gives you the exact ratio of Negative outcome and Positive outcome, and depending on those calculations you can decide when to pause your marketing campaign and modify it or change the budget accordingly. This feature allows changes to your marketing budget where you can decide to save more or spend more. Which is perfect for small businesses. And this is something which you can’t do in Traditional Marketing.

Benefit #3 – Budget/Pocket Friendly!


Digital Marketing is extremely budget-friendly when you compared it to Traditional Marketing as its designed in such a way that even small businesses can afford them easily. In Traditional Marketing to do any kind of advertisement you need to pay a fixed amount for every advertising medium, however, in digital marketing, you can plan and chart out the budget for every digital medium and can decide how much you want to invest. Friend’s TV Centre Case Study | Bonus: Build a brand in 2021

Digital Marketing Myths

With all these benefits you think digital marketing is easy and you can do it on your own right? However, its not like that.

Just posting things online, and sharing it in groups doesn’t make your brand popular, it just turns you into spammer!

Traditional marketing follows a fixed pattern, hence there is not much to do in traditional marketing except to do Good and creative advertisements to reach out to the customer base.

Myth #1 – Digital Marketing is easy!

However, Digital marketing is completely different, because this kind of marketing utilizes various online platforms for marketing purposes. Every single platform has different types of analyticstools, and set of results. Plus each of these various platforms has a different set of rules and regulations. Hence you need someone that knows the way around social media and other online platforms, who can guide you properly through this kind of online jungle and lead you to victory.

Myth #2 – Sharing things about your business will make your business popular

People don’t give much attention to the posts on social media that don’t attract them. Just think, why would they buy your product? Just because it has something which you think will be attractive to the people online, doesn’t mean that they will get attracted towards your products. Before trying to pitch any product to people online you need to create a sense of reason for people to approach your business to buy that product. Just sharing things won’t make your business popular, as we mentioned earlier, it will just turn you into a spammer and will get you banned from all the social media and other platforms. To counter such issues you need a few creative minds to guide you. It is not a one-man’s job.

Finally, The Most Important thing that you must know!

As we discussed the benefits of Digital Marketing for small businesses, we can conclude that your business must be present where your customers are, which is online. Whatever product or service a person seeks, they will almost certainly begin their search with Google. You won’t be found if you don’t have an online presence, and you won’t be capable of competing against the business that already has an online presence. Even if you have an online presence, but your competitors are easier to find because they rank higher in search, you may still be overlooked. Along with developing a website, understanding what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and why it is important will enable you to outrank competitors by being the first name that a prospect finds when conducting a Google search.