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How Malware infected website affects Digital Marketing?

Malware – What comes in your mind when you first think about this word? You think nothing but of one particular thing i.e a “Computer virus” affecting the computer systems. If you’re into digital marketing, you must’ve heard this word at least once in your entire career.

Digital marketing is a pinnacle of marketing in the digital world, however, this digital world is like a complex spider web, as each thread is linked to the other, so the technical factors of the Digital world are also linked to each other.

Because of this, the biggest threat Digital marketers are facing right now is the threat of Malware infected websites. Allow us to explain the whole scenario.

How a Malware infected Website can affect your Digital Marketing

Before we get to this topic, let us tell you the whole background story.

People have a myth that things like virus/Spyware/Malware can only infect those who have a bigger business. It won’t affect them because their business is small in size and revenue.

However, the reality itself is quite opposite, instead of big companies, small companies are the ones to get affected. This is because big companies can take care of their digital infrastructure, better than a single small business owner. They have best people to work for them, however, that’s not the case for a single proprietor.

Being a sole owner of a business, he/she has to do everything. In other words:-

  • He/she is the Digital marketer
  • He/she is the technical person
  • He/she is responsible for Customer care
  • He/she is responsible for sales

Of course, if the person wants, he/she can keep one or two people for help and distribute the workload. But the overall output can’t rival bigger companies.

So if you’re a sole proprietor and run an eCommerce business or use a Website to sell your own hand-crafted products, chances are there are not many people working under you or you are the sole people in-charge of everything.

Now consider this as a scenario – You’re utilizing website sell your products online, and your earning is decent. However, suddenly, your digital marketing campaigns doesn’t work and bring enough sales for you. You try every single trick inside the book, you even hire a professional but nothing works! What you will do in such cases?

Have you ever tried looking at your Website?

The answer is “NO” a big no because most of us wouldn’t even think that a Website might be the cause that can affect the digital marketing campaign. But if your website does get infected by malicious software then it can gravely affect your sales as well as the overall digital marketing campaign.

The importance of a website in the Digital Marketing world!

When you’re using Digital marketing to increase the leads and overall conversion, you need something for the call to action. In the above scenario, we gave an example of how websites can be utilized to drive sales.

However, you might wonder, that if its “Call to action” why even use websites for it? you can even drive your leads to WhatsApp so you can have direct conversation with the customer.

This idea is definitely nice, but instead of having a conversation, you can lead your customer directly to product page, from where he/she can see the details that they want to see and then directly purchase it.

That’s why most people prefer using “Landing page” or “Product Page” as a call to action compared to that of WhatsApp Messenger.

We even explained this in the scenario above.

Hence through this, we can consider that Websites now are the key aspect of driving leads/conversions when it comes to digitally sell your products online. Hence, such websites are bound to get targeted one day or another, it doesn’t matter what the revenue of the website is, if it’s one of the key aspects for sales then it comes under the radar of Malware creators.

What problems a Malware infected website can cause?

Well, if your website is malware infected it can cause the following problems:-

  • It can reduce your leads.
  • It can reduce your conversions and overall sales.
  • If the malware causes some kind of problem for customers, then it can affect the long-term relationship that you have built with them.
  • The trust in your brand and business decreases.
  • Customers can get annoyed which can lead to negative publicity and online thrashing.
  • Google and other search engines can slap you and your business with multiple unwanted penalties.
  • Your social media accounts related to your business and brand may get banned.

Different cases of Malware infected websites and their cause

Before we discuss the different cases of Malware infected websites and what causes websites to get infected in the first place, always remember one thing – Your website getting infected doesn’t mean that your code is infected, sometimes even outer factors are responsible for the website infection.

Also, here in this case we are not going to discuss all the causes, but in fact we are going to discuss the most common ones.

Now, If you have an infected website, Google Webmaster tools will warn you about the issue, but in a majority of the cases out there, even Google can’t detect malicious software infections.

  • Faulty Plugin & themes – If you are using WordPress chances are, that a faulty plugin might create obstructions in your digital marketing campaigns. Sometimes even themes can have malicious code embedded into them.
  • Third-party codes – You being the in-charge of everything, sometimes even you may have to fiddle with your website’s code, in such cases to solve one problem or another you might take help of third-party codes that promise to bring value to your business, however, sometimes even those codes can harm you if you don’t understand how they work.
  • Faulty backlinking – Generating high-quality backlinks is important when it comes to “Search engine optimization (SEO)“, however, sometimes directory submitting can result into creating faulty backlinks.
  • Not regularly updating your website – Not regularly updating your website when its needed is another reason for your website getting infected with malicious code/malware.

Final take

Now that you have seen all the common causes that cause websites to get infected with malware, it’s best to say that malware-infected websites can become a huge threat if not handled properly.

Some of the viruses causing problems stand out, some of them work in complete stealth which remains undetected.

And if your website is dealing with the ones belonging to the later category (Viruses belonging to the stealth category) then you need experts like us to help you in this issue get back to us for – Secure Digital Marketing.